Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts and Other Services
In order to provide our clients with expert advice at a reasonable cost, we have prepared a confidential Estate Planning and Will Fact Sheet (“Questionnaire”) for a prospective client to complete and return to our offices prior to an initial conference. This information will enable our attorneys to understand your individual circumstances and begin to formulate options for discussion with you during your initial conference. There is no charge for our time spent during this preliminary process, which also enables us to identify which of our attorneys is best able to assist you and use your initial conference time in a cost effective manner. Please contact our office (see the “Contact Us” section) to obtain a personal Questionnaire for your completion and return to our office.

Estate Administration Of Will, Trust or Intestacy

When someone dies (“Deceased”), another person or entity (“Personal Representative”) becomes responsible to wind up the Deceased’s affairs and distribute his or her assets as directed by the Deceased’s Will, “Living Trust”, or laws of the Deceased’s state of residence (“Administration”). Advice from a qualified estate attorney is essential for the Personal Representative to carry out his or her duties as required by law. Such attorney should be contacted as soon as reasonably possible following the Deceased’s death, and no actions related to the Deceased’s affairs should be taken prior to such contact. Considerable information will need to be provided to the attorney during the Administration process. Should you wish to consider our firm’s services, please contact our office (see the “Contact Us” section) to speak with one of our attorneys who will answer your immediate questions and provide a list of items for you to bring to your initial conference.